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and nothing happened. so the russian defense ministry said it didn't issue such an ultimatum, but the ukrainian defense forces said that they definitely received it. and journalists did report witnessing that ultimatum being handed to them. so, it's not quite clear who exactly is threatening whom, but the situation, you know, remains such that everyone is waiting for russia to play its hand and attack or not attack. >> what -- people in the area want or thinks, not the military but the people. >> i think ethnic russian community in crimea, which is the majority of the population on the peninsula, they are content to have the russian troops here protecting them from the new government that came to power in last month's revolution. however, they do not want any blood to be spilled. i think the minute that russia attacks any of the bases or kills any ukrainian servicemen, they will lose the support of the local population definitely. >> simon, if you will stand by, we will get back to you little later in the hour. thank you, simon. >> thank you. >> what should the united states
if they were russian soldiers that are not. he said those were local self-defense units. he even denies that they are russian soldiers there when we all know that that is the height of arrogance in my view. you saw the picture of those two sitting next to each other. have you seen the attitude that putin has towards the president of the united states. he doesn't respect him. >> so what are we going to do? it doesn't look like britain is going to go with us and germany is not going to go with us and western europe is so hungry for that oil that either originates in russia or comes through it or the natural gas. >> well, we are going to tell them they should be ashamed of themselves because you are right. but, we need to first help get ukraine back on its feet financially there. they're on the brink of collapse. second, make sure that we do everything possible to get mull dove have a and georgia into nato. third of all, we maybe need to do some military exercise with our small baltic state friends. we need to restate and start working on the missile defense system and the czech republic a
for this or a defense of it it. >> who came up with this idea? whose idea was it? >> national. >> we all get together. >> it's more complicated here because we don't have a single pair system like they do overseas. it's also, even though it wasn't dreamed up as part of health >> so we can't blame this one on obamacare. >> blame it on the same people running the healthcare law because they decided not to give it end-to-end testing before it's being implemented. it's not been tested. look at the possible repercussions here it could cost a small medical firm somewhere around $80,000. a large medical firm could cost them $2.7 million. and if they don't. >> it's not the cost it's the nutty stuff. i can't get past the nutty stuff to get to the cost. >> contact with venomous frog. there is no such thing as venomous frog. they have got it in there stephen hayes went and tried to find out if anyone in the world has ever died from flaming water skis. it's not true. what is going on. >> this has got to be the end. i'm back with kirsten. this is crazy. >> steve hayes isn't here tonight. is this for rea
for immunity before they testify have something to hide. >> actually former criminal defense lawyer i always told my clients no matter what no matter guilty or innocent you better take the fifth. there is supposedly a -- attorney general holder is there a criminal investigation open. >> holder going to take a look at this? >> i don't know what's taking him so long. this was last may. >> i know exactly what's taking holder so long because he doesn't want to look at anything. this is wrong to the american public. have you got to get to the bottom of this. any time government, i don't care who is in administration at the time. you cannot use government to stifle people's ohio state voices. you cannot use government to pick friends and enemies in the process. that's why we created this government for freedom and liberty and they are doing everything opposed to that. >> what do you make about the fox news all the time. >> they always say your enemies really tell whether you fight or not. and this is proud, i would use it as a badge of honor. >> congressman, thank you. always nice to see you, sir.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)